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Frequently asked questions

Creation of various websites, SEO optimization, graphic design (creation of website styles, illustrations, banners, logos), multidirectional marketing (for example, Google advertising, Facebook advertising); copywriting, business training and consulting, implementation of business management systems, and much more.

Website development depends on the individual project. The duration of standard services varies from 3 to 10 days. The duration can be adjusted on individual arrangements.

We contact our clients live or remotely. We find out the client’s needs, preferences, and provide useful advice on each case. We clarify financial questions and provide a demo version of the project. Once the demo version is accepted, we continue working until the final version of the project and its “launch”.

We can provide free consultations on issues that concern you. If the project performed by our team does not meet the customer’s expectations, we improve it for free. Website development and other IT services are performed promptly in collaboration with the client.

We work with the most popular content management systems (CMS), which are extremely easy to manage. Additionally, if necessary, we train customers by providing visual material on the detailed management of the website.

Websites are built using Premium version antivirus programs. We use secure and cryptographically strong passwords. If necessary, we can create a login system to the website, which would generate unique login codes every 10 seconds.

We have been working with our main partners Hostinger for a long time. We give our customers a 15% discount with the code: DEVELOPERIS.

We keep a copy of the original website of each project for 3 months, so in case of problems on the part of the client, we can restore the website to the original version within the first three months after the launch. We also give the possibility for our customers to restore their sites themselves.

We usually aim for an A result on the GTmetrix website. We optimize the website code and other necessary aspects to make the loading speed as fast as possible.

Our website development is integral to the basic SEO package.

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