Social networks

Social networks

Content creation for social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram). Administration of social network advertising campaigns (Facebook advertising).

Social networks help shape the image of a business in the digital space, attract wider audiences, increase sales, communicate with customers, and more. Social network advertising is one of the most effective ways for businesses to establish themselves in the digital space.

Facebook is the leading platform among social networks. Due to the versatility of the platform and the massive audience reach, Facebook advertising can pave the way for success for every business. Facebook marketing delivers positive results extremely quickly if targeted Facebook administration is implemented. Facebook advertising is used by most businesses.

Photo and video platform – Instagram, covers a narrower, but extremely fast-growing, audience. Targeted Instagram marketing for businesses can be extremely lucrative, especially when combined with marketing strategies implemented through other channels (such as Facebook advertising). In this case, professional Instagram administration is important.

The professional social network – Linkedin, provides businesses with the opportunity to develop a more formal communication strategy. Although a relatively small proportion of Lithuanian businesses create accounts on the Linkedin platform, Linkedin advertising can improve business reputation, increase awareness, and help establish useful contacts. Linkedin administration requires a specific strategy as it differs from other social networks. provides services for social network content creation, social network management, and administration of social network advertising campaigns (Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook advertising).

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